Researchers have discovered a new latent state of matter

Scientists Have Discovered a Brand New State of Matter Called ‘Liquid Glass’ Researchers have managed to achieve long-term stabilization of the latent state of matter, called supercrystal, by «disorders» substances and exposure to ultrashort laser pulses. Several US universities and research laboratories were looking for and studying new phases of matter with unusual properties that […]

EU banks to expand instant payments to compete with Facebook’s Libra

Why Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency Is In Trouble European Union Banks Accelerate Instant Payment Integration To Stay Competitive Amid Launch Of Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency. EU residents have had access to real-time payments since 2017, but this initiative has so far been supported only 60% of banks. Therefore, Etienne Gousset, CEO of the European Council of Payment Systems, […]

Huobi Launches Cloud for OTC Trades

Huobi Exchange Step By Step Guide (Trading Tutorial) 2020 Huobi Holding announced the launch of its own cloud platform Huobi Cloud, with which users will be able to form deals based on the existing service. More than 10 international companies have already signed an agreement on future cooperation with the company. The main task of the new […]

Scientists have found a way to double the performance of servers

Collaborative Editing Through MXF Server System Computer scientists have developed a new way to optimize storage systems that dramatically improves processing efficiency and output speed. Modern storage systems use only one server, which slows down the retrieval of information displayed to the user. In this case, the backup server remains inactive until the main. A […]

The fifth largest bank in the world to launch a blockchain-based payment system

How the blockchain is changing money and business | Don Tapscott Japan’s largest financial group Mitsubishi UFJ has officially announced plans to launch a new blockchain-based payment system in the first quarter of 2020. In creating a project called «Global open network», the fifth largest bank in the world is assisted by the fintech company […]

China presented an armored car with 8 shock kamikaze UAVs

US Big Panic: China tests swarm of ‘suicide drones’ launched from a truck and helicopters In Pekin presented a new armored vehicle with an integrated kamikaze unmanned aerial vehicle launch system for striking targets and conducting reconnaissance operations. Although the military off-road vehicle has a maximum speed of 125 km, it is capable of operating in […]

Samsung adds 13 new dapps to its Blockchain Keystore online store

Samsung Blockchain: Official Introduction Samsung expands the list of offered decentralized applications to 17 titles. South Korean company opened its online dapp Blockchain Keystore in March following the release of the Galaxy S10 smartphone with support for cryptographic products. Initially, an original wallet for tokens and protocols in the ERC-20 format based on ethereum, a game, […]

Astronomers have discovered such a powerful explosion in the universe that they cannot explain its cause

The Most Powerful Explosion In The Universe Recently Discovered! In a distant cluster of galaxies, researchers have recorded the most powerful explosion in the Universe since its birth, and so far they cannot understand why it could have happened.. The epicenter of the explosion was a supermassive black hole in the Ophiuchus galaxy cluster, located […]

China plans to impose duties on 85% of US goods

Trade War: U.S. Delays 10% Tariffs on Some Chinese Imports China, in response to tariff threats from the Donald Trump administration, plans to impose duties on 85% of goods imported from the United States, adding $ 60 billion worth of American products to the list. New mutual threats further exacerbate the trade war between the […]

Face recognition technology to equip 160,000 surveillance cameras in Moscow

Moscow’s Facial Recognition Tech Will Outlast the Coronavirus The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that all CCTV cameras in Moscow will be connected to a common face recognition system. FindFace Security technology will equip more than 160 000 video cameras. Today, approximately 3,000 video cameras recognize faces in Moscow using FindFace neural […]

Created a methanol fuel cell that extends the flight of the drone up to 12 hours

Doosan DS30: 2-Hour Flight Time with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Scientists have developed an efficient methanol fuel system that allows the drone to fly for 12 hours. The main problem with modern drones powered by lithium-ion batteries is their short maximum flight times. Even professional devices can stay in the air for about half an hour. […]

Reasons for the prolonged market decline

How To Invest In A Bear Market Some believe that the reason for the collapse of the cryptocurrency market is the panic of investors due to the latest news, while others say that cryptocurrency rates are returning to normal levels.. Most experts argue that the continued decline in the market is associated with the news […]

Scientists have succeeded in creating transparent thin-film transistors based on zinc oxide

The Story of Indium Tin Oxide Arabian researchers have developed a technology for making tunable transparent thin film transistors from a single hafnium zinc oxide (TFT HZO) composite by simply changing the ratio of metals in different layers. Existing transparent electronics are based on indium tin oxide, a transparent and electrically conductive material, but extremely […]

Amazon Web Services Introduces New Blockchain Model

An Overview on Blockchain Services from AWS Amazon Web Services cloud platform has introduced its own blockchain model based on Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, which will allow service users to develop and manage their own blockchain applications. The company announced this in its corporate blog.. The developers report that users will now be able to […]

The new device not only collects, but also stores solar energy

EVR 1001 Chapter 8 Nonrenewable and Renewable Energy Researchers have developed a hybrid device that can efficiently capture solar energy and store it in molecular bonds until it is needed.. Unlike solar panels, which use photovoltaic cells to directly generate electricity, the invention of scientists from the University of Houston absorbs heat (with an efficiency […]

Biotechnology Trends in 2019

Pharmaceutical Biotech Industry 2019 Biggest Trends Last year, the results of biotechnology development attracted the attention of investors to the corresponding ETFs on exchanges. In 2019, the return on investment in bioengineering will largely depend on the developments described by Shelley Phan, a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Francisco.. Gene drive in the wild […]

New nanomaterial can convert carbon dioxide into fuel

Turning Carbon Dioxide into Petrol – Carbon Capture – Horizons Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have developed a nanomaterial with an organometallic structure that can absorb carbon dioxide and hydrogen from the air, creating useful chemicals from them.. Currently, there is no cost-effective and energy-efficient way to collect carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and […]

Google Announces Breakthrough in Quantum Computer Technology

Google has come close to creating the first practical quantum computer, surpassing the classical one, after the discovery of a revolutionary model of computing.. Hartmut Neven, the director of the company’s quantum computing laboratory, said that their advanced quantum processor is improving so quickly that such a pace of development was previously considered impossible. According to […]

Raiffeisenbank made the first deal on the Masterchain

In The Studio: Disclosure “Ultimatum” breakdown [Twitch] Raiffeisenbank became the first bank to issue an electronic mortgage bond based on «Masterchain», informs «Kommersant». Automation will reduce operating costs by 80%. The process begins with the entry of data by the client in electronic form. Further, the application is certified with an enhanced EDS and supplemented […]

Mechanical engineer develops a piston engine that runs on water with alcohol

Israeli develops piston engine that runs on water, alcohol – no gas Israeli inventor Yehud Shmueli redesigned a traditional piston engine to use a mixture of 70% water and 30% alcohol instead of gasoline or diesel. According to the engineer, the new system can be easily applied to any existing internal combustion engine. He also […]

The profitability of mining VTS has decreased to the border level

Easy-to-Understand Explanation of Mineral Resources & Reserves for Mining Stock Investors According to a new study by the analytical company Diar, despite the record high level of income from mining bitcoin in 2018, the profitability of mining fell to an extremely low level and in the near future only large players with a good margin […]

Telegram began closed testing of the TON blockchain

Telegram Open Network (TON): What Happened To Telegram’s Gram Cryptocurrency? | Blockchain Central Telegram invited several teams of professional blockchain developers to take part in closed testing of the TON cryptocurrency platform. Among them were Russian companies, whose representatives spoke about the launch of the project. «Vedomosti». According to the participants, the first tests indicate a […]

SpaceX’s Mars rocket prototype completes first test flight

SpaceX prototype Starship rocket SN8 explodes during test flight SpaceX has successfully tested a prototype Starship rocket, which it plans to use to colonize Mars in the near future.. A prototype called SN5 with a Raptor engine took off to a height of about 150 meters and landed on the launch platform. The rocket under test […]

Engineers create damage-resistant structural battery with cartilaginous electrolyte

Redesigning structural batteries with cartilage electrolytes Researchers from the University of Michigan presented a prototype «structural» zinc battery with solid cartilaginous electrolyte, which, even if damaged, continues to work stably and safely. The idea behind a structural battery is to store and store energy in structural elements, such as the bumper of a car or […]

Flight tests of a helicopter for Mars completed successfully

NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Testing Media Reel NASA has successfully tested a helicopter that will fly on the surface of Mars from 2021. The tests took place in a special chamber that mimics the atmospheric and physical conditions of the red planet.. In 2020, the aircraft will be delivered to the surface of another world […]

Mike Novogratz thinks cryptocurrency market capitalization will reach $ 20 trillion

Billionaire Mike Novogratz Predicts a $20 Trillion Crypto Market – HODL! At the Bloomberg Invest summit, Mike Novogratz said that after the correction, the crypto market will surpass last year’s highs and can reach a capitalization of $ 20 trillion. According to him, the market situation should change dramatically in mid-2018, when there will be […]

Buterin wants to accelerate the transition to Ethereum 2.0 with a new type of validators

Buterin Wants to Speed Up Ethereum 2.0 Transition With ETH1-Friendly Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin offered an alternative version of the transition to the second version of the platform, in which universal validators will be used. According to him, using a new type of validators, called eth1-friendly-validators, will require fewer changes to the network architecture to […]

Scientists have created a convenient blood pressure monitor in the form of a plaster

Monitoring Blood Pressure with Wearable Technology Researchers have developed a compact, wearable device that can be attached to the skin to monitor blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. The commonly used cuffed tonometer is inconvenient and makes continuous pressure monitoring very difficult. However, a team of scientists from Tsinghua University has presented a new measurement […]