EXMO names three best countries for ICO

IDEAVIS THE NEXT GERMAN ICO The team of the most popular ICO, which today leads the BitCryptoNews rating, conducted an investigation, during which the three best countries for crowdfunding were identified. According to EXMO experts (EXO token), the disclosure of their experience will allow many projects to decide on the choice of jurisdiction. The fact […]

New technology allows robots to “eat” metal for energy

New technology allows robots to eat metal for energy Researchers have developed an efficient technology for absorbing energy from a metal by cleaving its chemical bonds. This allows devices to receive power continuously without batteries or external forces.. Currently, batteries or energy collectors are used as a separate power source for electronics, generating it under […]

NYSE Parent Company Announces Launch Date for Bitcoin Futures on Bakkt Platform

Latest News For Bitcoin: NYSE Reveals Launch Date for Bitcoin Futures on Bakkt Platform The world’s largest derivatives market operator Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which owns the New York Stock Exchange, announced that it plans to launch Bitcoin futures on its Bakkt trading platform on December 12, 2018.. The company announced its intention to provide traders […]

The Bank of Russia completed tests of Norilsk Nickel’s blockchain platform for asset tokenization

Token Trading Platform From Russia’s Richest Man Enters Testing Phase The Central Bank of Russia announced the successful completion of testing of the blockchain asset digitization platform developed by the company «Norilsk Nickel». The main feature of the project is the possibility of issuing hybrid tokens, simultaneously provided with various goods, services, securities or other […]

Scientists have found out how the blockchain will affect the Russian economy

How the blockchain will radically transform the economy | Bettina Warburg Russian scientists from Tatarstan have identified basic criteria for determining the demand for blockchain technologies among domestic enterprises. A single measurement scale will become the basis for diagnosing risks and the impact of blockchain on the development of the economy. The mathematical model is […]

A project for a self-sufficient floating processing station has been developed

This floating ‘continent’ is self-sustainable and cleans the ocean Architectural engineer Honglin Li presented a project of a self-sufficient floating skyscraper designed to recycle garbage and purify seawater. The developed FILTRATION concept provides for the construction of a surface platform and a vertical structure with several units for material recovery and treatment facilities. The proposed […]

New ultra-fast camera takes 70 trillion shots per second

New ultra-fast camera takes 70 trillion shots per second Scientists have developed an ultra-fast camera that can take 70 trillion frames in one second, which allows you to capture even the blurred movement of individual waves of light and the fluorescent decay of molecules. This unit employs an advanced super-fast shooting method. A team of […]

Scientists have created textiles that generate electricity

Electricity generating textiles Scientists at the University of Nottingham Trent have developed a yarn with built-in crumbled solar cells that can be used to make clothes that can generate enough electricity to charge mobile devices and wearable gadgets.. The inventors have found a way to sew solar elements measuring 3×1.5 mm into textiles and securely fasten […]

The head of the ECB called cryptocurrencies very risky assets

The ECB Podcast – Innovation in payments: Libra, blockchain and crypto-assets European Central Bank Governor Mario Draghi sees cryptocurrencies as risky assets, not real currencies. Speaking at a conference «Youth dialogue», head of the ECB said, that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not real currencies, but assets. According to him, the European central bank is […]

Physicists have developed a new method of nuclear fusion using relativistic effects

The truth about nuclear fusion power – new breakthroughs A team of researchers showcases a new nuclear fusion method for generating clean energy, based on the relativistic effect of superintense laser radiation. Modern nuclear power uses the decay of heavy isotopes into lighter elements, but thermonuclear fusion is a more efficient and environmentally friendly option, in […]

Kyrgyzstan prepares to legalize cryptocurrency

Kyrgyzstan prepares to legalize cryptocurrency Parliament of Kyrgyzstan is considering a bill on amendments to the Tax Code and regulation of activities for the extraction of cryptocurrencies. If adopted, all miners will be subject to a single tax of 15% of the sale of digital assets. Thus, the authorities plan to increase state budget revenues […]

NASA created a spider-like rover

Why is NASA sending spiders to space? NASA engineers using Autodesk’s artificial intelligence-based design system to develop a new concept for a lightweight interplanetary lander that looks like a spider. The innovative design of the presented rover has made it possible to achieve a significant reduction in mass, in comparison with previous similar devices for […]

Scientists have created a pocket particle accelerator that accelerates electrons to 99.99% of the speed of light

Scientists have created a pocket particle accelerator that accelerates electrons to 99.99% of the . Researchers have developed a compact particle accelerator that, using a laser, can accelerate electron beams up to 99.99% of the speed of light. To achieve this result, scientists from the University of Manchester have developed a special metal structure covered […]

The military has developed AI that allows soldiers to control combat vehicles with their voice

The military has developed an AI that allows soldiers to control combat vehicles with their voice Researchers have created artificial intelligence that can understand verbal orders, clarify tasks and report on the progress of their implementation.. Scientists from the University of Southern California, in conjunction with the US Army Military Research Laboratory, presented technology that allows […]

Nylon could be the basis for transparent and flexible electronics

Scientists have developed a technology for making very thin ferroelectric nylon films that can be used to create flexible electronic devices. As the development of the microelectronics industry shifts towards wearable devices and electronic textiles, researchers are increasingly using synthetic polymers. Although nylons were first used in the 1920s for the creation of women’s stockings and […]

Chemists have found an easy way to convert polyethylene into glue

Scientists have developed a special catalyst that stimulates the conversion of polyethylene into glue that adheres perfectly to metals. Plastic is very common, but unlike glass, cardboard and scrap metal, it is not very attractive to be reused. This is due to the change in its properties over time and the complexity of recycling, therefore, […]

Ultra-thin transistors invented for more powerful computer chips

This Is the End of the Silicon Chip, Here’s What’s Next Researchers have developed transistors, only a few nanometers thick, with excellent electrical properties. This will increase the density of their placement on microcircuits, which will lead to an increase in the power of computer chips.. Previously, the number of transistors on commercial chips doubled […]

Scientists have created an ultra-thin endoscope for blood vessels

Scientists have created an ultra-thin endoscope for blood vessels Researchers have developed an endoscope so thin it can be used to visualize blood vessels in mice. Using a 3D printer, a team of scientists from the University of Adelaide and the University of Stuttgart printed complex camera lenses at the end of an optical fiber […]

Bitfinex shareholder started accepting pre-orders for future tokens ahead of official documentation

Ethereum Weak Keys, Tether & Bitfinex Drama & Coin Picks | Synopsis w/ Stoner & Stokesy Ep.1 Although iFinex, the parent company of Bitfinex, has yet to provide official white papers on the upcoming IPO, exchange shareholder Zhao Dong has already begun accepting pre-orders for future platform tokens.. After Bitfinex confirmed that it could not […]

Researchers develop exoskeleton that doubles running speed

Bionic Boot: Human-Powered Exoskeleton A team of scientists has proposed a technology to create a device that will allow people to run almost twice as fast as they can naturally.. Studies show that the average person runs short distances at a speed of 24 km / h, and the current record holder Usain Bolt was able […]

Scientists have come up with a solution to turn food waste into bioplastics

This student start-up turns your food waste into high quality bio-plastic A new technological solution is aimed at converting food waste into valuable chemical components from which bioplastics can be produced. The ultimate goal of the project by researchers at the University of Canterbury is to extract three major chemical components from residues, including polylactic […]

30% of CFOs plan to develop blockchain

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple) Blockchain in 30 minutes in C++! (Part 1) The Financial Executives Research Foundation, together with the auditing firm Deloitte, presented the results of a study on the use of blockchain technologies in the financial departments of various companies.. The report named «Blockchain for financial leaders: opportunities and reality», examines the impact of […]

Startup Accelerator 500 Startups and Huobi to Support Blockchain Projects

Companies will help start-up projects in creating business plans, marketing strategies, writing a WhitePaper, attracting investors and the community. The most promising projects will be included in the 500 Startups block called Batch 23. 500 Startups spokesperson Edith Yong said that working with Huobi Labs will help to gain more knowledge about how digital exchanges […]

Scientists have created quantum states in consumer electronics

explanatory video to quantum computer Researchers have succeeded in integrating quantum states into common silicon carbide electronic devices and electrically controlling them. The gradual decrease in the electronic components of technology has led to the fact that they have reached fundamental limits and are faced with strange rules for the behavior of particles at the […]

New Audi concept car – SUV with drones instead of headlights

Audi AI:TRAIL quattro At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi unveils a concept of an electric off-road vehicle with a Level 4 autonomous driving system, which will be illuminated by drones instead of headlights.. Specification Audi AI Model: Trail plan to equip four electric motors with a capacity of 320 kW and a maximum torque of 1000 […]

SpaceX is developing a next-generation space suit

SpaceX is developing a next-generation space suit SpaceX has announced the development of a more functional high-tech spacesuit designed specifically for the crew of the Dragon spacecraft. It will receive a futuristic design, and will interact with the internal systems of the ship. When connected to the chair, the spacesuit’s electronics will automatically monitor the […]

Germany against admitting Facebook Libra to the EU market

Zuckerberg takes a beating over Libra Coin, 2020 elections, and more Following France, the German government also opposed the use of the Facebook Libra cryptocurrency in the European Union.. Christian Democratic Union MP Thomas Heilmann, who is in charge of the party’s blockchain policy, said the country’s government would reject Libra and other similar projects. […]

Invented a non-combustible and waterproof material for fireproof furniture and interior decoration

SHERAply…The pleasure of indoor living Russian company LLC «Inorganic materials» patented technology for the production of sheet non-combustible material, which has high water resistance, the necessary flexibility, strength and environmental friendliness. In high temperature fire conditions, even elements that many believe can be ignited can often be ignited. «non-flammable». Therefore, many manufacturers of building materials and […]

Fidelity will expand the list of supported cryptocurrencies

BREAKING NEWS: FIDELITY OFFERS BITCOIN FUND & MORE! Fidelity Investments, the fifth largest holding company in the world, intends to increase the capabilities of its cryptocurrency institutional platform by expanding the list of supported trading assets to the seven largest virtual currencies.. The financial giant previously reported on the launch of Fidelity Digital Asset Services, which […]

Four Cargoes That Will Stop Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Soaring

Should the world embrace cryptocurrencies? | Inside Story Facebook’s cryptocurrency hasn’t been launched yet, but investors no longer trust it. Doubts about the success of Libra are expressed by everyone: crypto enthusiasts, regulators, programmers, ordinary users of social networks and even Donald Trump. In search of decentralization First of all, let’s remember that the cryptocurrency […]

The Japanese have created an inflatable electric scooter that fits in a backpack

The Japanese created an inflatable electric scooter that fits in a backpack Engineers presented a prototype of the Poimo inflatable electric scooter, which weighs only 5.5 kg and when assembled fits into a backpack. E-bikes and e-scooters are becoming more and more popular, but the increase in their number leads to cluttered sidewalks, injuries and […]