Binance will enter the European market

Binance will enter the European market

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The Binance crypto exchange is still working with cryptocurrencies, but has begun to implement a plan to enter the European market, as well as the addition of the euro and the British pound to the trading platform..

Binance has already opened an account in Malta to enable fiat pairs to be launched. In addition, the crypto exchange entered into an agreement with the administration of the British island of Jersey, located in the English Channel off the coast of England, where the company intends to open its division..

The staff of the new office will hire 40 employees: programmers, marketers and those who will ensure that the company’s activities meet all the established requirements. Management Says Binance Labs Will Also Consider New Market And Possibly Start Supporting Local Projects.

There are many more virtual currencies available on Binance, so a huge number of new pairs could emerge. So far, only Coinbase allows you to instantly withdraw cryptocurrency in fiat. Now both companies are actively expanding their activities, so the largest crypto exchange could become an even more attractive option for institutional investors..

Recall that Mike Novogratz predicts growth in cryptocurrency market capitalization to $ 20 trillion.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Dreamstime

Binance will enter the European market