Analysts predict a rollback of the bitcoin rate with a subsequent increase to $ 20 thousand by the end of the year

Analysts predict a rollback of the bitcoin rate with a subsequent increase to $ 20 thousand by According to leading experts, the current growth in the bitcoin rate is due to a number of stimulating factors, which in the near future will continue to have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, most likely, […]

Fidelity will expand the list of supported cryptocurrencies

BREAKING NEWS: FIDELITY OFFERS BITCOIN FUND & MORE! Fidelity Investments, the fifth largest holding company in the world, intends to increase the capabilities of its cryptocurrency institutional platform by expanding the list of supported trading assets to the seven largest virtual currencies.. The financial giant previously reported on the launch of Fidelity Digital Asset Services, which […]

Nylon could be the basis for transparent and flexible electronics

Scientists have developed a technology for making very thin ferroelectric nylon films that can be used to create flexible electronic devices. As the development of the microelectronics industry shifts towards wearable devices and electronic textiles, researchers are increasingly using synthetic polymers. Although nylons were first used in the 1920s for the creation of women’s stockings and […]

New ultra-fast camera takes 70 trillion shots per second

New ultra-fast camera takes 70 trillion shots per second Scientists have developed an ultra-fast camera that can take 70 trillion frames in one second, which allows you to capture even the blurred movement of individual waves of light and the fluorescent decay of molecules. This unit employs an advanced super-fast shooting method. A team of […]

NYSE Parent Company Announces Launch Date for Bitcoin Futures on Bakkt Platform

Latest News For Bitcoin: NYSE Reveals Launch Date for Bitcoin Futures on Bakkt Platform The world’s largest derivatives market operator Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which owns the New York Stock Exchange, announced that it plans to launch Bitcoin futures on its Bakkt trading platform on December 12, 2018.. The company announced its intention to provide traders […]

The new zinc battery is 10 times more powerful than modern lithium-ion batteries

The new zinc battery is 10 times more powerful than modern lithium-ion Researchers have developed a prototype of a flexible zinc battery made of silver and zinc oxide, the capacity of which is 10 times higher than that of modern lithium-ion devices. Zinc and silver oxide batteries for a long time are considered an alternative to lithium-ion […]

One province in China accounts for more than a third of the total bitcoin hash rate

One Chinese province accounts for more than a third of Bitcoins hashrate. Sichuan, China, accounts for 35.76% of the global hashrate, according to a new map of the distribution of computing power of the bitcoin network.. A team from the University of Cambridge launched the service Bitcoin Mining Map, which reflects the distribution of the […]

Portugal abolished taxation of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is Tax Exempt in Portugal | Connecting Blockstream To Casa | Bull Bitcoin Etransfers The Portuguese Tax Authority confirms that cryptocurrency transactions and payments are completely tax-exempt. The administration provided an official clarification at the request of a local mining company describing the relevant features of the country’s fiscal policy. The document says that […]

Mike Novogratz thinks cryptocurrency market capitalization will reach $ 20 trillion

Billionaire Mike Novogratz Predicts a $20 Trillion Crypto Market – HODL! At the Bloomberg Invest summit, Mike Novogratz said that after the correction, the crypto market will surpass last year’s highs and can reach a capitalization of $ 20 trillion. According to him, the market situation should change dramatically in mid-2018, when there will be […]

The profitability of mining VTS has decreased to the border level

Easy-to-Understand Explanation of Mineral Resources & Reserves for Mining Stock Investors According to a new study by the analytical company Diar, despite the record high level of income from mining bitcoin in 2018, the profitability of mining fell to an extremely low level and in the near future only large players with a good margin […]

Raiffeisenbank made the first deal on the Masterchain

In The Studio: Disclosure “Ultimatum” breakdown [Twitch] Raiffeisenbank became the first bank to issue an electronic mortgage bond based on «Masterchain», informs «Kommersant». Automation will reduce operating costs by 80%. The process begins with the entry of data by the client in electronic form. Further, the application is certified with an enhanced EDS and supplemented […]

Reasons for the prolonged market decline

How To Invest In A Bear Market Some believe that the reason for the collapse of the cryptocurrency market is the panic of investors due to the latest news, while others say that cryptocurrency rates are returning to normal levels.. Most experts argue that the continued decline in the market is associated with the news […]

Face recognition technology to equip 160,000 surveillance cameras in Moscow

Moscow’s Facial Recognition Tech Will Outlast the Coronavirus The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that all CCTV cameras in Moscow will be connected to a common face recognition system. FindFace Security technology will equip more than 160 000 video cameras. Today, approximately 3,000 video cameras recognize faces in Moscow using FindFace neural […]