Xiaomi introduced a computer mouse with voice assistant and translator

REVIEW: iFeyo S9 AI Wireless Mouse – Voice & Text Translation? Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has released a computer mouse with built-in virtual voice assistant, voice recorder and translator. The company decided to increase the interactivity of the coordinator devices using an artificial intelligence system and a speaker microphone. With these additions, the Xiao Ai […]

Shanghai’s old phone booths to be converted into 5G mini-stations

Shanghai brings public phone booths back to life as mini 5G base stations Shanghai government has found a new way to give a second life to old telephone booths, making them small base stations for fifth-generation mobile communications. In the near future, the authorities will begin installing 5G transceivers and other equipment in dozens of […]

Swiss Stock Exchange Launches Blockchain Platform

Swiss Stock Exchange To Launch Blockchain Platform Later This Year | ETHNews Brief SIX, Switzerland’s largest stock exchange, has announced plans to launch its blockchain-based trading platform in the second half of 2019. The head of the exchange, Romeo Laher, spoke about the development of the SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), which will initially operate in […]

UPS develops quieter, more versatile delivery drones

UPS is developing quieter and more versatile delivery drones UPS has partnered with German aircraft manufacturer Wingcopter to jointly develop a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle. Partners will modernize the existing Wingcopter drone model to adapt it to various commercial small cargo delivery services.. UPS’s attention was drawn to the presence of a rotor […]

New Audi concept car – SUV with drones instead of headlights

Audi AI:TRAIL quattro At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi unveils a concept of an electric off-road vehicle with a Level 4 autonomous driving system, which will be illuminated by drones instead of headlights.. Specification Audi AI Model: Trail plan to equip four electric motors with a capacity of 320 kW and a maximum torque of 1000 […]

Kyrgyzstan prepares to legalize cryptocurrency

Kyrgyzstan prepares to legalize cryptocurrency Parliament of Kyrgyzstan is considering a bill on amendments to the Tax Code and regulation of activities for the extraction of cryptocurrencies. If adopted, all miners will be subject to a single tax of 15% of the sale of digital assets. Thus, the authorities plan to increase state budget revenues […]

Google Announces Breakthrough in Quantum Computer Technology

Google has come close to creating the first practical quantum computer, surpassing the classical one, after the discovery of a revolutionary model of computing.. Hartmut Neven, the director of the company’s quantum computing laboratory, said that their advanced quantum processor is improving so quickly that such a pace of development was previously considered impossible. According to […]

A project for a self-sufficient floating processing station has been developed

This floating ‘continent’ is self-sustainable and cleans the ocean Architectural engineer Honglin Li presented a project of a self-sufficient floating skyscraper designed to recycle garbage and purify seawater. The developed FILTRATION concept provides for the construction of a surface platform and a vertical structure with several units for material recovery and treatment facilities. The proposed […]

The Bank of Russia completed tests of Norilsk Nickel’s blockchain platform for asset tokenization

Token Trading Platform From Russia’s Richest Man Enters Testing Phase The Central Bank of Russia announced the successful completion of testing of the blockchain asset digitization platform developed by the company «Norilsk Nickel». The main feature of the project is the possibility of issuing hybrid tokens, simultaneously provided with various goods, services, securities or other […]

China plans to impose duties on 85% of US goods

Trade War: U.S. Delays 10% Tariffs on Some Chinese Imports China, in response to tariff threats from the Donald Trump administration, plans to impose duties on 85% of goods imported from the United States, adding $ 60 billion worth of American products to the list. New mutual threats further exacerbate the trade war between the […]

China presented an armored car with 8 shock kamikaze UAVs

US Big Panic: China tests swarm of ‘suicide drones’ launched from a truck and helicopters In Pekin presented a new armored vehicle with an integrated kamikaze unmanned aerial vehicle launch system for striking targets and conducting reconnaissance operations. Although the military off-road vehicle has a maximum speed of 125 km, it is capable of operating in […]

“My light, mirror, tell me”, or How AI learned to determine personality traits

Karliene – Become the Beast – A Hannibal Fan Song The University of Melbourne has developed artificial intelligence that, using facial analysis, can detect not only obvious external signs, but also such as attractiveness or emotional stability.. The researchers decided to bring the idea from a fairy tale to life by installing a unique biometric […]

Stellar Foundation “burned” more than half of its cryptocurrency

Stellar: XLM Could ROCKET in 2021, Here’s Why!! 🚀🌑 Stellar Development Fund destroyed 55 billion of its XLM reserves to increase the project’s market potential. In total, 105 billion XLM were created during the initial emission, but currently there are only 20 billion tokens in circulation. After burning most of the cryptocurrency, its total amount was […]

Toyota unveils overhead cleaning robot for home

TRI Teaching Robots to Help People in their Homes   Toyota Research Institute (TRI) unveils a prototype gantry robot that hangs from the ceiling and can perform a variety of cleaning operations. The company’s engineering team pays special attention to home robots, since this is where we need them most, but at the same time […]