Buterin wants to accelerate the transition to Ethereum 2.0 with a new type of validators

Buterin Wants to Speed Up Ethereum 2.0 Transition With ETH1-Friendly Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin offered an alternative version of the transition to the second version of the platform, in which universal validators will be used. According to him, using a new type of validators, called eth1-friendly-validators, will require fewer changes to the network architecture to […]

The new device not only collects, but also stores solar energy

EVR 1001 Chapter 8 Nonrenewable and Renewable Energy Researchers have developed a hybrid device that can efficiently capture solar energy and store it in molecular bonds until it is needed.. Unlike solar panels, which use photovoltaic cells to directly generate electricity, the invention of scientists from the University of Houston absorbs heat (with an efficiency […]

Amazon Web Services Introduces New Blockchain Model

An Overview on Blockchain Services from AWS Amazon Web Services cloud platform has introduced its own blockchain model based on Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, which will allow service users to develop and manage their own blockchain applications. The company announced this in its corporate blog.. The developers report that users will now be able to […]

Samsung adds 13 new dapps to its Blockchain Keystore online store

Samsung Blockchain: Official Introduction Samsung expands the list of offered decentralized applications to 17 titles. South Korean company opened its online dapp Blockchain Keystore in March following the release of the Galaxy S10 smartphone with support for cryptographic products. Initially, an original wallet for tokens and protocols in the ERC-20 format based on ethereum, a game, […]

Bitfinex shareholder started accepting pre-orders for future tokens ahead of official documentation

Ethereum Weak Keys, Tether & Bitfinex Drama & Coin Picks | Synopsis w/ Stoner & Stokesy Ep.1 Although iFinex, the parent company of Bitfinex, has yet to provide official white papers on the upcoming IPO, exchange shareholder Zhao Dong has already begun accepting pre-orders for future platform tokens.. After Bitfinex confirmed that it could not […]