Facebook began using heat from its data centers to heat thousands of nearby homes

Facebook started using heat from its data centers to heat thousands of nearby homes Facebook unveils new heat recovery system in Danish data center. Most data centers use air conditioners to cool their servers, pumping hot air into the atmosphere. However, Facebook’s data center in Odense has partnered with a local district heating company to […]

Four Cargoes That Will Stop Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Soaring

Should the world embrace cryptocurrencies? | Inside Story Facebook’s cryptocurrency hasn’t been launched yet, but investors no longer trust it. Doubts about the success of Libra are expressed by everyone: crypto enthusiasts, regulators, programmers, ordinary users of social networks and even Donald Trump. In search of decentralization First of all, let’s remember that the cryptocurrency […]

Germany against admitting Facebook Libra to the EU market

Zuckerberg takes a beating over Libra Coin, 2020 elections, and more Following France, the German government also opposed the use of the Facebook Libra cryptocurrency in the European Union.. Christian Democratic Union MP Thomas Heilmann, who is in charge of the party’s blockchain policy, said the country’s government would reject Libra and other similar projects. […]

EU banks to expand instant payments to compete with Facebook’s Libra

Why Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency Is In Trouble European Union Banks Accelerate Instant Payment Integration To Stay Competitive Amid Launch Of Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency. EU residents have had access to real-time payments since 2017, but this initiative has so far been supported only 60% of banks. Therefore, Etienne Gousset, CEO of the European Council of Payment Systems, […]