Google Announces Breakthrough in Quantum Computer Technology

Google Announces Breakthrough in Quantum Computer Technology

Google has come close to creating the first practical quantum computer, surpassing the classical one, after the discovery of a revolutionary model of computing..

Hartmut Neven, the director of the company’s quantum computing laboratory, said that their advanced quantum processor is improving so quickly that such a pace of development was previously considered impossible. According to him, the researchers found that the power of the developed system increases with «double exponential» speed compared to classic computers.

Although the first few jumps may not be as noticeable, but the subsequent growth becomes colossal. Such a rate of development is so fast that in nature there are no systems with which it can be compared.

According to Hartmut Neven, they observe a situation where at first it seems as if nothing is happening, and then instantly a whole world appears..

Google Announces Breakthrough in Quantum Computer Technology

This discovery means that it may take a tech giant only a few months to achieve real quantum superiority, in which quantum computers can solve problems beyond the capabilities of classical devices.. The advantage is achieved due to the fact that instead of bits (0 and 1), they operate with qubits that are in a state of superposition, that is, they can take any possible value at the same time.

Researchers believe that quantum computers are the most promising direction for the development of information technology, so they are actively improve systems to create effective platforms. New technology has recently been developed processing of diamonds, which will allow make powerful chips for quantum computers.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Google