Thai regulator’s strict selection: only 5 out of 50 ICOs will be approved

Globalization of Data: A Worldwide Lens on Privacy & Cybersecurity The Thai government has strengthened the regulation of blockchain projects and significantly reduced the number of legal ICOs. Only 10% of projects were able to pass all checks and were able to collect money. The main problem of projects is inconsistency with registration standards. Serious […]

Engineer has developed a new method for removing excess heat

An engineer has developed a new method for removing excess heat The researcher has developed a planar bridge thermal diode that allows you to effectively control the thermal regime of electronics, aircraft and even spacecraft.. A team led by Jonathan Boreiko, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech, created a device of two copper […]

EXMO names three best countries for ICO

IDEAVIS THE NEXT GERMAN ICO The team of the most popular ICO, which today leads the BitCryptoNews rating, conducted an investigation, during which the three best countries for crowdfunding were identified. According to EXMO experts (EXO token), the disclosure of their experience will allow many projects to decide on the choice of jurisdiction. The fact […]

Visa integrates Hyperledger technology into enterprise payment service

What is a payment gateway and how does it work? Visa integrates Hyperledger Fabric open-source blockchain code into its B2B Connect enterprise payments service. Payment giant’s blockchain platform commercial launch slated for Q1 2019. The service will allow companies to make large cross-border payments, becoming an alternative version of the SWIFT system. IBM helps the company […]

Telegram began closed testing of the TON blockchain

Telegram Open Network (TON): What Happened To Telegram’s Gram Cryptocurrency? | Blockchain Central Telegram invited several teams of professional blockchain developers to take part in closed testing of the TON cryptocurrency platform. Among them were Russian companies, whose representatives spoke about the launch of the project. «Vedomosti». According to the participants, the first tests indicate a […]