“My light, mirror, tell me”, or How AI learned to determine personality traits

“My light, mirror, tell me”, or How AI learned to determine personality traits

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The University of Melbourne has developed artificial intelligence that, using facial analysis, can detect not only obvious external signs, but also such as attractiveness or emotional stability..

The researchers decided to bring the idea from a fairy tale to life by installing a unique biometric mirror in their foyer, behind which there is a surveillance camera. After the person comes up and raises his hand, the program starts processing the image. In addition to gender, ethnicity and age, AI provides data on attractiveness, emotional stability, aggressiveness, and other characteristics. In total, the assessment is carried out on 14 characteristics.

Before the program began to draw conclusions about personal qualities, it processed 10 thousand photographs of faces with their descriptions. However, due to subjective human judgment, the algorithm may use false data to draw conclusions. For example, a young Australian woman was mistaken for a Caucasian woman. Researchers say the project is under development and continues to be improved. However, some perceived this development as another step towards bringing society closer to the events described in the novel by George Orwell. «1984».

Another example of artificial intelligence, the robot Sophia, will soon be presented in Baku.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Sopheap Srey / Reshot, Jo Lauder / ABC