NASA created a spider-like rover

Why is NASA sending spiders to space? NASA engineers using Autodesk’s artificial intelligence-based design system to develop a new concept for a lightweight interplanetary lander that looks like a spider. The innovative design of the presented rover has made it possible to achieve a significant reduction in mass, in comparison with previous similar devices for […]

Flight tests of a helicopter for Mars completed successfully

NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Testing Media Reel NASA has successfully tested a helicopter that will fly on the surface of Mars from 2021. The tests took place in a special chamber that mimics the atmospheric and physical conditions of the red planet.. In 2020, the aircraft will be delivered to the surface of another world […]

Astronomers have discovered such a powerful explosion in the universe that they cannot explain its cause

The Most Powerful Explosion In The Universe Recently Discovered! In a distant cluster of galaxies, researchers have recorded the most powerful explosion in the Universe since its birth, and so far they cannot understand why it could have happened.. The epicenter of the explosion was a supermassive black hole in the Ophiuchus galaxy cluster, located […]