New Audi concept car – SUV with drones instead of headlights

New Audi concept car – SUV with drones instead of headlights

Audi AI:TRAIL quattro

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi unveils a concept of an electric off-road vehicle with a Level 4 autonomous driving system, which will be illuminated by drones instead of headlights..

Specification Audi AI Model: Trail plan to equip four electric motors with a capacity of 320 kW and a maximum torque of 1000 Nm, a battery for 400-500 km, massive 22-inch wheels. That’s enough to successfully overcome any steep hill or dirt road.

New Audi concept car - SUV with drones instead of headlights

Huge, rounded windshield, clear roof and hammock-style rear seats enhance the natural experience.

The automaker also plans to install a fourth-level autonomous driving system, which implies self-driving within a specific geographic area. Although this is a non-standard addition for an SUV, the company explains it by the fact that Audi AI: Trail is not intended for use exclusively off the beaten track, and the autopilot will increase driving comfort..

Built-in sensors will provide data on friction, slip, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, providing the electronics with all the parameters needed to optimize drive stability.

However, all other innovations pale in comparison to the new path lighting solution. Instead of high and low beam headlights, Audi will equip AI: Trail with five triangular electric drones with matrix LEDs.

They can fly in front of the car and illuminate the road, land on the trunk, roof and dock to inductive charging elements, and, if necessary, their on-board cameras can transmit an image to the display in front of the driver via Wi-Fi, allowing you to see the terrain from above.

While this is an extravagant and impractical solution, it is undoubtedly interesting. It should be noted that this is only a concept, therefore it is not a fact that this model will ever be released..

Recall that earlier at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Lamborghini presented its first hybrid supercar Sián, which will be the most powerful and fastest car of the company.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: Audi