Scientists have created textiles that generate electricity

Scientists have created textiles that generate electricity

Electricity generating textiles

Scientists at the University of Nottingham Trent have developed a yarn with built-in crumbled solar cells that can be used to make clothes that can generate enough electricity to charge mobile devices and wearable gadgets..

The inventors have found a way to sew solar elements measuring 3×1.5 mm into textiles and securely fasten them with a special resin. Small size makes the plates almost invisible to the naked eye, and users absolutely do not feel their presence in clothes.

Scientists have created textiles that generate electricity

A research group from Advanced Textiles Research Group has already created a conceptual textile prototype, measuring 5×5 cm, which houses 200 miniature solar panels. Such a piece of tissue is capable of generating a voltage of 2.5-10 V and a power of up to 80 mW. Tests have shown that this is enough to power a mobile phone and a fitness bracelet. However, scientists say that it will take at least 10 of these to charge a smartphone. prototypes or 2 thousand hotel photocells.

According to the project manager, Professor Tilak Diaz, clothes made of electrical textiles do not differ from everyday clothes and they can even be washed without problems. In doing so, it can save us from the need to plug devices into wall outlets and reduce the load on the grid, while reducing carbon emissions..

Scientists at the University of Michigan have also made progress in the field of alternative energy systems. They have developed efficient transparent photocells that can be used in place of glass in the windows of buildings and cars..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: Nottingham Trent University