Invented a non-combustible and waterproof material for fireproof furniture and interior decoration

SHERAply…The pleasure of indoor living Russian company LLC «Inorganic materials» patented technology for the production of sheet non-combustible material, which has high water resistance, the necessary flexibility, strength and environmental friendliness. In high temperature fire conditions, even elements that many believe can be ignited can often be ignited. «non-flammable». Therefore, many manufacturers of building materials and […]

New chips with a quantum random number generator will soon make digital devices unbreakable

Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) for mobile phones and IoT Researchers have created a compact chip that uses quantum technology to generate random numbers. Once integrated into more complex systems, it will be impossible to hack them.. Computer security is based on random numbers, but due to the limitations of conventional computing systems, hackers find […]

Scientists have created quantum states in consumer electronics

explanatory video to quantum computer Researchers have succeeded in integrating quantum states into common silicon carbide electronic devices and electrically controlling them. The gradual decrease in the electronic components of technology has led to the fact that they have reached fundamental limits and are faced with strange rules for the behavior of particles at the […]

Scientists have discovered the unique quantum properties of graphite

Physicists discover important new property for graphene Researchers have discovered in a graphite crystal the quantum Hall effect, which is characteristic only of two-dimensional systems. They also found that the material behaves differently depending on the parity of the graphene layers, even when their number is measured in the hundreds.. Over the past 15 years, […]

Scientists have come up with a solution to turn food waste into bioplastics

This student start-up turns your food waste into high quality bio-plastic A new technological solution is aimed at converting food waste into valuable chemical components from which bioplastics can be produced. The ultimate goal of the project by researchers at the University of Canterbury is to extract three major chemical components from residues, including polylactic […]

Russian scientists have created the most heat-resistant material in the world

Russian scientists have created the most heat-resistant material in the world Researchers have developed a ceramic material with the highest melting point of any compound known today. The combination of unique properties makes it a promising option for use in the most loaded elements of missiles and aircraft.. Many aircraft manufacturers and space agencies are […]

Researchers develop exoskeleton that doubles running speed

Bionic Boot: Human-Powered Exoskeleton A team of scientists has proposed a technology to create a device that will allow people to run almost twice as fast as they can naturally.. Studies show that the average person runs short distances at a speed of 24 km / h, and the current record holder Usain Bolt was able […]

A device for rescuing children and pets left in a car invented

5 People Who Were CAUGHT Leaving Dogs In Hot Cars… INSTANT KARMA 💢 Engineers have developed a compact, inexpensive sensor that alerts when children or pets are left alone in a vehicle. A danger to the health and life of a child or pet arises in very hot or cold weather. To solve this worldwide problem researchers from […]

Scientists have found a way to speed up catalytic reactions 10 thousand times

Reaction Rates: When Surface Area Matters! Lesson Plan Introduction A team of researchers has discovered a new technology that allows you to bypass catalytic restrictions and speed up chemical reactions by 10 thousand times. This will reduce the cost of thousands of industrial processes.. Some chemical reactions use catalysts (usually metals) to accelerate their course. […]

Scientists have created an ultra-thin endoscope for blood vessels

Scientists have created an ultra-thin endoscope for blood vessels Researchers have developed an endoscope so thin it can be used to visualize blood vessels in mice. Using a 3D printer, a team of scientists from the University of Adelaide and the University of Stuttgart printed complex camera lenses at the end of an optical fiber […]

Scientists have created a convenient blood pressure monitor in the form of a plaster

Monitoring Blood Pressure with Wearable Technology Researchers have developed a compact, wearable device that can be attached to the skin to monitor blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. The commonly used cuffed tonometer is inconvenient and makes continuous pressure monitoring very difficult. However, a team of scientists from Tsinghua University has presented a new measurement […]

Ultra-thin transistors invented for more powerful computer chips

This Is the End of the Silicon Chip, Here’s What’s Next Researchers have developed transistors, only a few nanometers thick, with excellent electrical properties. This will increase the density of their placement on microcircuits, which will lead to an increase in the power of computer chips.. Previously, the number of transistors on commercial chips doubled […]

Engineers create damage-resistant structural battery with cartilaginous electrolyte

Redesigning structural batteries with cartilage electrolytes Researchers from the University of Michigan presented a prototype «structural» zinc battery with solid cartilaginous electrolyte, which, even if damaged, continues to work stably and safely. The idea behind a structural battery is to store and store energy in structural elements, such as the bumper of a car or […]

Chemists have found an easy way to convert polyethylene into glue

Scientists have developed a special catalyst that stimulates the conversion of polyethylene into glue that adheres perfectly to metals. Plastic is very common, but unlike glass, cardboard and scrap metal, it is not very attractive to be reused. This is due to the change in its properties over time and the complexity of recycling, therefore, […]

The military has developed AI that allows soldiers to control combat vehicles with their voice

The military has developed an AI that allows soldiers to control combat vehicles with their voice Researchers have created artificial intelligence that can understand verbal orders, clarify tasks and report on the progress of their implementation.. Scientists from the University of Southern California, in conjunction with the US Army Military Research Laboratory, presented technology that allows […]

New nanomaterial can convert carbon dioxide into fuel

Turning Carbon Dioxide into Petrol – Carbon Capture – Horizons Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have developed a nanomaterial with an organometallic structure that can absorb carbon dioxide and hydrogen from the air, creating useful chemicals from them.. Currently, there is no cost-effective and energy-efficient way to collect carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and […]

Scientists have created a pocket particle accelerator that accelerates electrons to 99.99% of the speed of light

Scientists have created a pocket particle accelerator that accelerates electrons to 99.99% of the . Researchers have developed a compact particle accelerator that, using a laser, can accelerate electron beams up to 99.99% of the speed of light. To achieve this result, scientists from the University of Manchester have developed a special metal structure covered […]

Scientists have succeeded in creating transparent thin-film transistors based on zinc oxide

The Story of Indium Tin Oxide Arabian researchers have developed a technology for making tunable transparent thin film transistors from a single hafnium zinc oxide (TFT HZO) composite by simply changing the ratio of metals in different layers. Existing transparent electronics are based on indium tin oxide, a transparent and electrically conductive material, but extremely […]

Physicists have developed a new method of nuclear fusion using relativistic effects

The truth about nuclear fusion power – new breakthroughs A team of researchers showcases a new nuclear fusion method for generating clean energy, based on the relativistic effect of superintense laser radiation. Modern nuclear power uses the decay of heavy isotopes into lighter elements, but thermonuclear fusion is a more efficient and environmentally friendly option, in […]

Created a methanol fuel cell that extends the flight of the drone up to 12 hours

Doosan DS30: 2-Hour Flight Time with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Scientists have developed an efficient methanol fuel system that allows the drone to fly for 12 hours. The main problem with modern drones powered by lithium-ion batteries is their short maximum flight times. Even professional devices can stay in the air for about half an hour. […]

China began installing holographic panels in elevators and hospitals to avoid touch

Neonode’s Holographic Contactless Touch for Elevators Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Chinese have come up with many ways to avoid touching buttons on elevator panels and terminals in public places, but the most innovative solution to date. is the use of holographic technologies. Anxious citizens used lighters, toothpicks and other objects to select the desired […]

Scientists have created textiles that generate electricity

Electricity generating textiles Scientists at the University of Nottingham Trent have developed a yarn with built-in crumbled solar cells that can be used to make clothes that can generate enough electricity to charge mobile devices and wearable gadgets.. The inventors have found a way to sew solar elements measuring 3×1.5 mm into textiles and securely fasten […]

Scientists have found a way to double the performance of servers

Collaborative Editing Through MXF Server System Computer scientists have developed a new way to optimize storage systems that dramatically improves processing efficiency and output speed. Modern storage systems use only one server, which slows down the retrieval of information displayed to the user. In this case, the backup server remains inactive until the main. A […]

Scientists have developed a technology for the production of leather materials from mushrooms

Scientists have developed a technology for the production of leather materials from mushrooms Researchers Demonstrate How To Make Skin Substitutes From Processed Mushroom Mass. Nowadays, leather is a by-product of meat production, and its synthetic substitutes are usually made from various types of plastics. Environmentalists are skeptical of the first option, and the second – […]

Scientists have found out how the blockchain will affect the Russian economy

How the blockchain will radically transform the economy | Bettina Warburg Russian scientists from Tatarstan have identified basic criteria for determining the demand for blockchain technologies among domestic enterprises. A single measurement scale will become the basis for diagnosing risks and the impact of blockchain on the development of the economy. The mathematical model is […]

Researchers have discovered a new latent state of matter

Scientists Have Discovered a Brand New State of Matter Called ‘Liquid Glass’ Researchers have managed to achieve long-term stabilization of the latent state of matter, called supercrystal, by «disorders» substances and exposure to ultrashort laser pulses. Several US universities and research laboratories were looking for and studying new phases of matter with unusual properties that […]

A new highly efficient flexible transparent conductor has been created

【Product Demo】Transparent Conductive Film An international team of scientists has developed a flexible transparent electrical conductor based on carbon nanotubes that surpasses all existing analogues. Currently, n-type electrodes made of metal oxides are used in electronics. However, many researchers are looking for efficient p-type electrical conductors that will solve a lot of technological problems.. A […]

New technology allows robots to “eat” metal for energy

New technology allows robots to eat metal for energy Researchers have developed an efficient technology for absorbing energy from a metal by cleaving its chemical bonds. This allows devices to receive power continuously without batteries or external forces.. Currently, batteries or energy collectors are used as a separate power source for electronics, generating it under […]

The Japanese have created an inflatable electric scooter that fits in a backpack

The Japanese created an inflatable electric scooter that fits in a backpack Engineers presented a prototype of the Poimo inflatable electric scooter, which weighs only 5.5 kg and when assembled fits into a backpack. E-bikes and e-scooters are becoming more and more popular, but the increase in their number leads to cluttered sidewalks, injuries and […]

Created a camera that captures 10 trillion frames per second

Imaging at a trillion frames per second | Ramesh Raskar Ultra-fast imaging specialists at Caltech have developed a camera that can capture 10 trillion frames per second in real time. With its help, you can even see the slow motion of light.. The engineers achieved this precision with a previously developed femtosecond camera. However, it […]