Mechanical engineer develops a piston engine that runs on water with alcohol

Israeli develops piston engine that runs on water, alcohol – no gas Israeli inventor Yehud Shmueli redesigned a traditional piston engine to use a mixture of 70% water and 30% alcohol instead of gasoline or diesel. According to the engineer, the new system can be easily applied to any existing internal combustion engine. He also […]

Biotechnology Trends in 2019

Pharmaceutical Biotech Industry 2019 Biggest Trends Last year, the results of biotechnology development attracted the attention of investors to the corresponding ETFs on exchanges. In 2019, the return on investment in bioengineering will largely depend on the developments described by Shelley Phan, a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Francisco.. Gene drive in the wild […]

Startup Accelerator 500 Startups and Huobi to Support Blockchain Projects

Companies will help start-up projects in creating business plans, marketing strategies, writing a WhitePaper, attracting investors and the community. The most promising projects will be included in the 500 Startups block called Batch 23. 500 Startups spokesperson Edith Yong said that working with Huobi Labs will help to gain more knowledge about how digital exchanges […]

Airbus to test first biosensors to detect bombs at airports

Airbus will test the first biosensors to detect bombs at airports Airbus will test a new type of sensors «electronic nose», which detect the presence of nearby explosives using modified biological cells. Jellyfish-shaped device developed by startup Koniku, performs the function of a specially trained sniffer dog. The company plans to start placing them in airport […]