Telegram began closed testing of the TON blockchain

Telegram began closed testing of the TON blockchain

Telegram Open Network (TON): What Happened To Telegram’s Gram Cryptocurrency? | Blockchain Central

Telegram invited several teams of professional blockchain developers to take part in closed testing of the TON cryptocurrency platform. Among them were Russian companies, whose representatives spoke about the launch of the project. «Vedomosti».

According to the participants, the first tests indicate a high transaction speed, but further testing will help to better determine the readiness of the TON blockchain, network performance and scalability. They also reported that they can create their own nodes (nodes). There is no more detailed information about the functionality of the platform yet..

Telegram began closed testing of the TON blockchain

Earlier, Telegram representatives stated that technically the project network will be significantly surpass existing cryptocurrencies and in terms of speed it will be able to compete with international payment systems Visa, Mastercard. However, after completion last May, ICO for $ 1.7 billion, there was practically no official information on the progress of the development process, and the start date was postponed several times. Although initially the launch of the test network was supposed to take place before the end of June 2018.

In July, the launch of Telegram Passport was only announced, allowing you to upload personal data for authorization in services. This should later ensure transparent and secure use of the Gram cryptocurrency..

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text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: cointrend