UPS develops quieter, more versatile delivery drones

UPS develops quieter, more versatile delivery drones

UPS is developing quieter and more versatile delivery drones

UPS has partnered with German aircraft manufacturer Wingcopter to jointly develop a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle.

Partners will modernize the existing Wingcopter drone model to adapt it to various commercial small cargo delivery services..

UPS’s attention was drawn to the presence of a rotor tilt mechanism on the drones of the German company, which allows them to switch between vertical take-off and horizontal flight with fixed wings. As a result, such drones can land and lift in tight spaces, and then fly quickly and quietly to their next destination. This makes them a promising option for commercial delivery in urban environments..

In addition, the Wingcopter UAVs have already proven themselves well in various fields and the ability to perform their task even in adverse weather conditions..

So far, UPS has focused on developing drones for delivering food and medical supplies. However, the ultimate goal of the joint project is to create a universal drone that can deliver goods to companies from various industries..

The American military has already become interested in a similar hybrid UAV model. They began to experience drones Quantum-Systems for mobile combat units.

UPS develops quieter, more versatile delivery drones

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Wingcopter