What cryptmen ride

What cryptmen ride

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Even very smart people sometimes get stupid thoughts. In both cases, I am not about myself. My reflections, which visited me at my leisure, rather resemble an arthouse… And I thought that even the owners of a myriad of bitcoins and the mighty of this world — also people of flesh and blood. And now I wonder what kind of cars they drive?

Satoshi Nakamoto

Well, everything is simple here. He probably uses a Mercedes-Benz GLA with a 17,600 hp engine, which is fueled with safe asymmetric dimethylhydrazine. As a result, the car is capable of speeds up to 1534 km / h.… Absurd? Yes and no. The speed record when driving on the ground belongs to the Thrust SSC jet car (1227.99 km / h), and, according to the laws of terrestrial kinematics, further acceleration will lead to a loss of stability of the device (read: impossible). Have Mercedes-Benz GLA much more modest power-speed characteristics. There is also no non-toxic heptyl and, it seems, Satoshi Nakamoto himself. And what’s interesting: there is no Satoshi, but there is a million bitcoins on wallets registered to this name, — there is. This is absurd!

Cameron and Tyler Winklevos

For two they have, according to rough estimates, BTC 1.5 million. How do they travel? One, for example, on Land Rover Discovery 2018, and the other — on the classic Niva. Such a duo has an undeniable advantage: if you acquire the appropriate power of attorney from the management of AvtoVAZ (and here, I think they will go to meet), then you can defiantly drive along the streets of cities, at any opportunity, compare these two vehicles and send claims to the manufacturer Land Rover about that the last «shamelessly ripped off» the idea of ​​an SUV from a Soviet auto giant.

It is better to be more convincing and support the claims with material claims, so for $ 65 million. You look, something will turn out. You say stupidity? Not at all. In the case of Mark Zuckerberg (and the idea of ​​social media), it worked. Extremely successful!

Roger Ver

The number of bitcoins he owns is estimated at around $ 300,000. And it seems that he is riding Mini cooper  (and on the mini-version itself). Why is this so? And this is an investment: the owner is sure that over time the car will grow (at least 10 times) and surpass all existing SUVs in terms of weight, dimensions and power characteristics. Rave? But when Bitcoin was worth $ 10, he predicted that it would rise 100 times in two years. So, at the end of 2013, BTC reached a price of $ 1200 (however, then it corrected to $ 830).

What cryptmen ride

Try to imagine yourself at that time: would you believe that a little-known and technically incomprehensible asset could grow 1000 or even 2000 times? In my opinion, the likelihood that the Mini Cooper «grow up», will be more…

Charlie Schrem

Cryptocurrency state — about BTC 0.1 million. There are no options at all — he rides in a van Volkswagen Transporter Kasten. According to numerous experts, this model has the greatest potential for arranging all kinds of caches and other «nachek». The past cannot but leave a mark on the present, and the choice of the most comfortable car will inevitably be pressured by previously committed mistakes:

  • and non-compliance with money laundering laws (if I had been more careful, they would not have been caught);
  • and participation in the black market Silk Road…

In general, two years in prison should definitely have taught the main commandment — don’t get caught!

Michael Novogratz

The great Danish cartoonist Herluf Bidstrup has a series of works dedicated to the similarity of the appearance of four-legged pets (dogs) and their owners (indeed, without any cartoons, they are ridiculously similar).

Judging by them about the potential choice of a car by the owner of a large collection of bitcoins, an interesting picture may emerge. For example, Michael Novogratz — owner of about 42 thousand BTC. — became interested in virtual money back in 2013. He bought them and sent them to the Pantera Capital hedge fund, which was investing in IT startups. The sale of tokens gave a new flow of cryptocurrency and generated new investments.
In general, this process is somewhat reminiscent of a manual sunset. And therefore the car for him «adjust» appropriate. It will be Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo 1.6 MPI with a manual transmission. Life in motion!

Anthony Gallippi

Banker — it is not the one who has a lot of money, but the one who makes this money spin. This definition fully corresponds to Anthony Gallippi, who had at least 34 thousand BTC in his wallet. He does not have a bank, but the BitPay conversion platform — this is his brainchild. In general, this person is so professional that he educated the US Congress itself with his knowledge, giving testimony on the subject of his earnings in 2013. So put at the disposal of this financial tycoon Mercedes-Benz S-Class Long seems quite justified.

Tim Draper

Estimated Bitcoin state — at least 30 thousand BTC.In 2014 (when bitcoin was worth somewhere around $ 800), he bought out all BTC 29 from the official state trading, which took place after the authorities raided the Silk Road platform 656 (confiscated). Draper also — one of the founders of the venture capital company Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Venture — risk. And the main guarantee of a successful venture company is the ability to make ambiguous and adventurous decisions on the part of its management. And just don’t say that it was a well-thought-out strategy! Aha! Pick up balances at auctions…

Be that as it may, the bet is played, and the winners are not judged. Now you can make a mysterious look and profound optimistic statements. Perhaps, for such a format of existence, the model of the safest SUV of 2017 will be the most favorable. — Audi Q5.

Elon Musk

Why he? Yes, because it is he who is suspected of creating bitcoin. Someone Sahil Gupta trained at SpaceX in 2015. Having thoroughly understood the processes of the company, he suggested in his blog that it was his boss at that time who was the creator of the Bitcoin network (for Nakamoto in Japanese means «inside the net»). The Americans, of course, have recently been somewhat weak in terms of logic and evidence base. Musk may not have anything to do with cryptocurrencies, but this guy clearly has money. Still would! His company was able to financially transfer so many missile explosions on launch pads before launch. — «Roscosmos» envious already!

What cryptmen ride

So for Elon, we have two cars prepared at once:

  • for movement on the ground — Jaguar xj — also an electric car as a reminder that competitors are not asleep;
  • for moving across the sky — Tesla roadster. (Since we launched — do not waste the good.)